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As people grow older, fulfilling tasks they performed with ease when younger becomes difficult. Some cannot clean the house, cook for themselves, or maintain personal hygiene on their own. They are also faced with an increased risk of injuries, especially from falls. Those with medical conditions may be unable to seek the necessary healthcare services or forget to take their medication as required. Home care services for seniors can help older adults overcome these challenges, but if not possible, senior care facilities suffice.

At Via Christe, we provide unexcelled senior care in Omaha for aging adults requiring a safe living environment. Our facilities are designed for our residents’ safety, while our highly trained staff are on standby 24/7 to cater to their various needs.

FAQs About Our Senior Care Services and Facilities

Elderly care communities in Omaha can tremendously improve the quality of life of a senior living by themselves. If you’re not sure whether senior care services near you are ideal for you or your loved one, here are answers to questions about our services and facilities to help you decide:

What is Memory Care?

Our memory care is a kind of special program designed for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We have separate facilities for our memory care guests because they require intensive assistance compared to our assisted living residents.

In memory care, we offer round-the-clock assistance to ensure residents maintain their daily routines with ease. Many activities available in memory care are designed to improve cognitive function.

How Do I Know if My Loved One Needs Memory Care?

Disorientation, sudden changes in behavior, and deteriorating physical health indicate a need for memory care. An older adult with memory issues will not remember to take their medication, wander from home, forget to pay their bills, or suffer incontinence. Signing up your loved one at a senior care community in Omaha, NE, guarantees they have someone looking after them, so they don’t end up in situations that endanger their health and life.

What is Respite Care?

This is a form of short-term senior care service that can last hours, days, or a few weeks. Respite care services are suitable when caregivers want to go away for a while to re-energize or attend to other responsibilities. In respite care, you can be assured your loved one will be safe and well-taken care of for a specified period. Our respite care program is specially designed for older adults who have completed rehabilitation in a hospital setting but need further recovery and care before returning home.

What Kind of Facilities Do You Have at Your Center?

We have apartments suitable for residents at various levels of care. Additionally, we have dedicated two floors for our memory care guests, while our assisted living seniors can choose from a variety of room sizes. Our guests can access a library, courtyard, salon, and church.

Premier Senior Care Services in Omaha

If you’re looking for the finest ‘senior care services near me,’ we’ve got you covered. We’ve offered senior care in Omaha since 2005, and we remain in operation because our guests continue to enjoy their stay with us. The moment you or your loved one joins us, we’ll do our best to provide second to none, highly individualized care. Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community; Learn more: 402-551-5557. Take a virtual tour: Contact us online:

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